Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Day Off

What exactly is a day off for a missionary? Typically it still means running around town and paying bills (for us that means 1 bank for Madison's school, a different bank for the scholarship kids, and then a different bank for Rent), to the Mall to pay cable/internet, run to the post office for mail, grocery store for food, the other grocery store for items the first one didn't have, the fruit stand for - well - fruit, the butcher for meat, get Madison from school and by that time it's 3pm and your "day off" has swiftly gone by. We used to have to leave country every 90 days for a Visa hop, which was a "forced" vacation. However, now that we don't have to do that as we have our residency, our days off have become few and far between. As a matter of fact, we haven't been away for some time off (without anything on our agenda) since last October. A day where - you know - you sit around and do absolutely nothing! Yesterday we attempted that, but we both ended up doing mostly chores that we hadn't been able to do in the last few weeks. Then I picked up Madison from school, then I started preparing dinner...and there you have it...no day off. So - today Mike and I are determined to have that elusive day off! So far we have been successful, but it is only 8:30 in the morning afterall. We shall see if we are successful! I know that this seems a little odd - but taking time to recharge is so important! We want to be able to have the energy to serve the people in Honduras. If we run on empty all the time, it's not good for us, or for our ministry.

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