Monday, April 26, 2010


Saturday we brought in a group from the States for a conference, Advanced Medical Leadership Training - it's the same training I went to last April in Mexico - when the swine flu broke out - but they've promised not to let anything nearly as exciting happen again this time :-) They will have lecture/training all week - then finish up by putting on two medical clinics. One will be in a community near where they are staying. The other will be in Armenia Bonito - where we are ministering.

In the middle of this we are house shopping for our new team mates, The Clows, who will be arriving in 8 days! It will be awesome for them to be here - but they will certainly hit the ground running! Find a house - fully furnish a house - prep for teams - assist with our pastoral training conference - then the teams arrive! No rest for the weary - but they are SO raring to go and we are excited to have them :-)

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