Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enjoying Honduras

Honduras is a beautiful country! It's hard to believe sometimes, I'm only 10 minutes from the jungle. My friend Denise is here, so I couldn't let her time go by without experiencing a treck through the jungle. We hiked for the better part of 3 hours to experience an incredible waterfall.

The beginning...

some incredible scenery along the way

filtering water. We didn't pack a lot in because we knew we would have plenty of sources of water. So we filtered water - Madison really had fun.

Some beautifully entwined vines

The waterfall was too huge to get in the picture

Madison's triumphant return "back to civilization" after 3 hours of hiking.


Pumpkin's Momma said...

Cool looking pictures!!!

SoniaStorm said...

Love the pics!! Thanks for sharing. :)