Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Day in the Life

Many have asked what a day in our life is like. Come along for the ride.

Awake at 0530, out the door by 0630. School starts at 0645.

View from our front door.

On the way to go pick up Josh and Andy for our teaching class today.

On the way out to Armenia Bonito

We didn't know what it was, but the stench and the number of vultures told us it was something BIG!

All dressed up and no where to go. Kids leaving school as there was a teacher strike today, and therefore no school for the public schools....hence....no class at the school today.

Off to go make swine flu health information sheets for our clinic this Thursday to hand out to our patients.

Then over to the bakery to purchase some bread.

Had to head to the mall to pay our internet bill at the local internet kiosk (Tevisat is the company we use)

House call - baby Ellie from our team came to my house for an ear check up. Looks good for now, but something may be brewing...

While they were there - diagnosed Lindsey with an ear infection.

Off to the first of 2 stops at the bank to collect enough cash to pay rent (which also gets paid at the bank). Will have to get more tomorrow as I can only get my daily limit, which isn't enough to pay rent.

Then headed to the butcher to purchase some meat.

And off to the fruit stand for some mangos - and it's only 1pm.

Back to my house to do some quick cleaning, some updates on Facebook, and to start this blog.
Then off to Madison's school to pick her up after her tutor (3pm)

Off for her orthodontist appointment.

Last stop at the fish market for shrimp and tilapia.

It's now 4pm, and I still have things to do. Tomorrow is "supposed" to be a day off, but I have to prep for our medical clinic. As we haven't had clinic for 5 weeks, there is much to do.

Thanks for "hanging out" with me today.


Anonymous said...

Hey Erin!

Great post. I enjoyed going "with" you on your errands... and I can see how that could get pretty tiring. :-)

Cindy in California said...

What a great blog! I appreciate the time you took to think of it as a topic, take the photos, write it and post it.

Although I've not lived in Honduras I've spent enough time there to learn some of the way things are done. I know the lines at banks can seem never-ending. Hopefully, over time, more things can be paid on-line.

Thanks again!

Becky Aguirre said...

Wow, full day! We relate to many of those errands and how they just seem to eat up your day...seems like you quite a lot accomplished, though! :)

Susan said...

Great post. Loved the pictures and helping us see what your daily life is like!!