Thursday, October 1, 2015

Africa Part 9 - final post

Spent the day finishing up things in Equitorial Guinea.  We ran to another market to pick up a few souvenirs, finished up what we were working on in the library, packed, and ate our last dinner with the full-time missionaries here.  

Today we fly to the island where the main airport is, but our flight then doesn’t leave until 10:30pm tonight to Madrid.  We are hoping to meet up with a full-time missionary who lives there and attend his church service, and hang out a bit rather than spending the day in a tiny little airport with, quite literally, nothing to do.  Tomorrow morning lands us in Madrid where we will be spending over a day as our next flight doesn’t leave until the following day (the airline changed our flight to Madrid, but not our flight from Madrid to Miami).  So, a small blessing in a way as neither of us have been to Madrid before.  We are so exhausted from lack of sleep, but we can’t miss this opportunity to see Madrid.

Children at the church we attended

Welcome in over 20 languages, many are African

The city gate in Madrid
The day after that we fly to Miami where we will spend the day, make a pit stop in Target to get a few “creature comforts” and necessities we can’t get in Honduras, then finally wind our way home.
Well – my overall perception of Equitorial Guinea is one of genuine interest.  The similarities in climate, fruit, and feel to Honduras was surprising.  However, that’s where the similarities end.  The infrastructure of the country is very poor – so much poorer than Honduras it was striking!  Education here is deplorable, the health care system is so much more severely lacking, the religion (witch craft and traditional tribal practices) very different, and the food different as well. Internet access is slow, in our city in La Ceiba we have two movie theaters, there isn’t a single one here, nor are there pirated movies anywhere, the availability of any U.S. product is all but non-existent.  IF you can find Coke Zero, it’s $4 a can!  The people are beautiful and very sweet – we were embraced by everyone we met.

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