Friday, August 14, 2015

Medical Brigade

Yesterday was the last...the last of many things for Mike and myself.  Most likely the last team for us in La Ceiba, the last Medical Brigade in La Ceiba, the last time we have 16 hour work days here.  Our impending move makes things a little different for us.  But what a WAY to go out!!!!  

This medical brigade came with lots of folks doing lots of things.  In this way we were able to serve so many different types of people.  We applied fluoride on kids teeth (there is no fluoride in water here, nor do kids get routine trips to the dentist) - so this was a HUGE blessing to the kids here.  In addition, we had a way to assess the prescription needed for glasses, and were able to give out tons of glasses the team brought.  A physical therapist came and provided her expertise to so many kids/adult with disabilities and physical needs.  We had a number of physicians giving out general consults to so many patients, and then we had a deworming/vitamin station.  All in all we saw 956 people in all of these locations in four different church plant areas.  What a blessing to the people of La Ceiba, and what a blessing for our church plant pastors to serve the people of their congregation.

In addition we had a photographer who came with the team and was able to capture some moments along the way.  He has given me permission to post his photographs - the first two pictures are his. I would be remiss if I did not give him credit for his incredible ability to place emotions and capture a moment in time.  His name is Nathan Clendenin.  Thank you Nathan for sharing your talents with us!

This sweet lady came to the clinic this week

These are some of our peeps along with Pastor Donaldo making house visits

Madison with a patient she had translated for

This little guy couldn't get enough pictures taken of him!

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