Saturday, July 25, 2015

Medial Brigade

This week we hosted a small medical brigade with Dr. Diane, Dr. Greg who brought along an ultrasound, Dr. Wade - a dentist, a number of nurses, a dental assistant, and a lot of other willing hands.  The week brought some interesting things.  A number of twins were diagnosed via the ultrasound (57 ultrasounds done in total), 82 patients saw Dr. Wade (should have gotten a total number of teeth pulled!), and lots of general patients were seen as well.  We touched 766 lives during this week.  On top of the patients we saw, this was a tough week on the team.  It was extremely hot, and heat exhaustion was a serious problem we were encountering almost every day.  Many of the remaining visiting team was out doing construction, and hanging out with kids. 

In addition to the team here this week, our sweet daughter, Madison, returned from her 5 1/2 week Germany trip.  She received 9 college units, learned a lot, and had a lot of fun as well.  We are so glad to be back as a family, at least for a little while.


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