Saturday, May 23, 2015

Growing things

I have always loved growing things.  In The States we always had a huge garden.  Finding things to grow well here has actually been quite challenging.  Because of the extreme heat and tons of rain that floods things out, I struggle with making things grow the way I am used to.  About six months  before we left to go back to The States this furlough, I purchased a papaya from a local fruit stand.  Now, I am not a huge papaya fan, but I know the nutritional value of them so use them a lot in fresh smoothies.  So I took the seeds out of the papaya, and threw a bunch of them in a pot with some soil.  Well...they took off.  By e time we returned from furlough the trees had started fruiting!  However, not so sure I will actually be able to enjoy the fruit of my labor so as some local fruit bats have found out about my tasty papayas.  All in all, it is the growing of things I love, so that's okay :-)

Here is e planted tree right before we left

The trees after we returned

And some fruit that the bats are enjoying...

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Anonymous said...

Found your blog this morning and have enjoyed reading through your recent posts. I live in Georgia USA. God bless you!