Sunday, December 22, 2013

Clinic giving - Private Matching Grant

It is that time of year.  The end of the year....and therefore, end of year giving.  Our clinic is 100% reliant upon generous givers which allows us to give quality healthcare to the poorest of the poor.  Dr. Roger is an incredible physician who cares and loves for all those who come to the clinic.  We have seen such amazing cases, newly diagnosed cases of cancer, rare diseases, and normal aches and pains.  The ability to serve God's children, and reaching out to those who might otherwise be without medical care is a privilege I am reminded of on a daily basis.  So what does it cost to pay for a physician and assistant?  So glad you asked...$19,600.  UPDATE:  I JUST RECEIVED NOTICE FROM A PRIVATE FUNDER THAT HE IS WILLING TO DO A MATCHING GRANT!  So let's MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!  If you give $100 - he will give $100, etc.   Help me continue to make this possible by easily contributing here :

I am looking for funding for an assistant as I will be leaving for furlough in July, and need someone to oversee the clinic while I am gone.

Sweet little 3 year old Nicole is one of the kiddos who comes to our clinic for free vitamins.

Handing out a walker and giving the gift of walking
Dr. Roger with a lttle baby at the clinic.

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