Thursday, July 11, 2013

Helping each other out

 I have been truly blessed in my ministry.  Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been without a lot of work.  Each year I have submitted grant applications for children's vitamins and for parasite medications.  Many times I was denied, but I never gave up.  I kept asking, submitting applications, and made my voice heard.  Because of this, for the past three years I have received huge grants, based on my applications, for both the parasite medications and for children's vitamins.  The amount of poverty, and therefore severe malnourishment can be a bit overwhelming.  Couple that with a child having a parasitic infestation is a recipe for life long disaster.

     A week ago, Dr. Roger  let me know that he was going to be involved in a medical brigade made up of the Honduran airforce, and Honduran doctors.  He asked me if there was any way that we as an organization could participate.  I explained because of our working with summer teams coming, for me to make myself available to a community that lies almost two hours away from La Ceiba, on the day the teams comes was just not a possibility.  However, I did tell him I could give him some extra supplies, and some vitamins and parasite medications.  At almost $1.00 a dose for parasite meds, and almost $4.00 for a single month supply of vitamins, costs can rise fast.  The government here just doesn't have money.  But with our help, from my little clinic, we were able to supply almost 4,000 parasite medications, and over 8,000 children's vitamins.
     Because of the donation of medications and supplies, the Honduran Air Force made a special visit out to our clinic last week to thank us for the donations, and to give us a certificate of appreciation.  I am constantly surprised how God is using our little clinic to glorify Himself.

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Liz K said...

Awesome!! Love how God does this sort of thing!!!