Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The States

It has been just over a year and a half since my last trip to the States, and honestly, my last trip was one of the hardest times of my life - my mother passed away.  So, this trip was to commemorate that time, and to see new and old faces.

I started my trip by surprising my dear Best Friend of all - Mindy Hertzell - and showed up at her graduation from nursing school, and had the honor of pinning her during the ceremony.  I then spent a Sunday School hour at their church plant, Corem Deo, speaking during Sunday school, and heaing a sermon preached live for the first time in a long time.  I was able to participate in communion, and was filled anew by the Word.

I then spent time with my friends, and ultimately made my way down to San Jose to spend some sweet time with my dad.  He spoiled me rotten, including a feast of filet mignon, coffe and lunch in bed (what a great guy), and then was able to go speak at his church, Grace Presbyterian Church. My dad has been a member there just over a year, and they have heard all about me - it was so wonderful to put a name to a face, if you will.  I met so many of the people he worships with, and I was able to share about what God is doing in Honduras.

My return home was bitter sweet.  I love my sweet dear friends, my awesome dad, but I truly missed my home here in Honduras with my family, and the ministry that God has put before us.

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