Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two Months

I know I look beat - but this was taken today
after a LONG, tiring day..
We opened the clinic on the 21st of February - so actually it's been just a tad over two months since we've been open, but as it's the last day of April, it seemed like a good time to let everyone know what's been happening:

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW it's NOT all about numbers, but the stats of what we are seeing truly are interesting!  I actually am trying to already look ahead at my Masters Program to see how I can start incorporating this information and start to determine what I'm going to do for my program - so here's where we stand:

540 medical consults (340 this month alone)
Average of 17.9 patients each day we are open
12 pregnant women we are following (monthly prenatals, blood pressure, weight, etc)
35 less than the age of 1
137 less than 5 years old
71 geriatric patients - of these, we treated 63 for high blood pressure, and 30 for Type II Diabetes (so obviously some for both)

So - there's some interesting things - and mixed in the middle of that we've had a few emergent cases (diagnosed appendicitis and sent to the hospital, lacerations requiring stitches, toe nail removal - my favorite, broken bones, etc.).  So - we are keeping busy, and obviously definitely being utilized.  With the opening of Sunday's, I was sure this would drop our weekly patient numbers, but that has NOT been the case - people are finding out we are open on the weekend, and that allows for workers who would not normally be able to come for fear of missing work, to actually be able to come.  We still have days we are turning people away, simply because we don't have enough time in a day.  But we do have to keep to our hours - or we would be open WAY past dark...

Madison's WAY cool logo for our clinic

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Gene & Mary said...

Erin - you won't remember me, but I had the privilege of hearing you and Mike talk at Desert Palms PCA in AZ a few years ago - and my girls were blessed by Madison in their SS class. We love to keep track of your ministry, and read everything you find time to write. You're creating something amazing there - and in Madison, who shows fruit of someone way beyond her years. If she's blogging anywhere tell me, as my daughter is especially drawn to her witness. Please tell her so for me.