Friday, August 10, 2012

Dental Clinics

This week we hosted two dental clinics in the community of La Fe, and two in Armenia Bonito.  All in all 83 people received free dental care.  The dentists tell me that most were cracked/rotten/abscessed - imagine not being able to eat due to the pain in your mouth, and not being able to afford dental care.  What a huge blessing it is to have a great dental team care for the needs of the people of La Ceiba.

Carolina having her teeth worked on

Children working on puzzles while they are waiting to be seen
The teams leave tomorrow morning, and our next two teams arrive.  Next week is going to be a big week!  We have a huge medical brigade coming.  Included in this week we are going to be doing two days of education in both communities.  The education is going to include water purification, dental health, pregnancy health, and parasite prevention.  Education is the key to changing the overall health of the folks in both very poor communities.
Madison's first day of her senior year.
And finally, Madison started her first day of her Senior Year.  School here ends at 11th grade.  So she's a Senior!!!  I'll also be volunteer working at her school.  I will be teaching a drama class - it's an elective, so I will see how many kids may or may not be interested in doing drama.  My "first day" is next Wednesday, and am excited to be able to bring some Shakespeare to some Honduran kids!

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