Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Starting before Madison was born, we have gone to a tree farm to cut down a fresh Christmas tree. Once Madison was old enough, each year was a different persons decision on which tree we were going to cut down. One year Mike (usually a small non-frills tree), then Madison (kind of in the middle), then the next year mind (typically the biggest tree I thought would fit in our house). And so it went on - year after year - alternatingwho would pick the tree. Then...we went on the mission field. No real Christmas trees to be found in Costa Rica - our first year away from The States, and no real Christmas trees in Honduras. Only fake trees. So...begrudgingly I purchased a fake tree - couldn't imagine my house without a tree forChristmas. So, as we are back in The States for Christmas this year - we made the same trek over to the Christmas Tree farm and cut it down. We decided since this may be the last time we get a tree while Madison is still in the house (I can't even THINK about that!!!!), that the decision would be hers! She picked a blue tipped tree. Quite pretty, although the coloring is difficult to see in the pictures. Anyway - I'm thrilled that we have a live tree again for the first time in almost 4 years!

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christina said...

Yikes, last time Madison will be... that is a thought to hard to even think much less write!
Glad that you are able to have a real live tree this year, may the memories sustain you until next time :-)