Friday, March 5, 2010


Have you seen the movie "Daddy Day Care"? Do you remember the scene where Eddie Murphy goes into the bathroom after a child uses the toilet and his mouth drops open in amazement that none of the urine made it into the pot? Then he looks on the wall and sees even more - then looks on the ceiling, and he gasps in disbelief as there is yet more urine on the ceiling? See the video from 1.35 - 1.57 in the video.

Okay - keep that in your mind as you read this post.

Exhibit #1

This morning, like every other morning, our day begins with the making of an iced latte. If you have seen our pleas for coffee syrup, that is why. So, we were going about our day using our stove-top espresso maker when we heard this loud POP.....PSSSSSSS......we turned around to look in the kitchen and much to our amazement felt like Eddie Murphy. The seal on the bottom of the espresso maker had ruptured - it had forced the coffee grounds up through the seal, into the pot on the top and promptly erupted out of the top of the pot. Now, when I say erupted - it looked like someone had murdered a coffee plant, and we were sent in to check the coffee ground/blood splatters in the house. The grounds extended from the kitchen sink on the right - across the room to the wall on the left - almost completely covered the ground, and even under the microwave! Again - see video for the looks on our face.

Exhibit #2

In the middle of cleaning up the mess, I thought - too late - for that picture that speaks a 1000 words. Ah well, will just have to put the visual in your mind.

On another note - this is the last full day for our team here. They have their day off and plan on heading to the beach, then to a souvenir shop, then to start packing for their early leave tomorrow. It has been a pleasure having them here!

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Becky Aguirre said...

Wow, that must have been SOME mess! :o I had no idea that those things could do that! yikes!