Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Nemesis Is Dead!

We are pleased to report that our two-month battle with the beast has come to an end. A rat that once lived behind our house found his way inside in early December (neat trick considering our walls are made of filled cinder blocks). He has been evading, mocking and taunting us ever since.

He was building nests, eating our food, leaving gifts and making Mike scream like a little girl…none of which is acceptable. We have invested hours and a considerable fortune trying to rectify the situation. Our 90 lbs. rottweiler was of no use. He was once heard saying, in his best California surfer accent, “Uh, hey dudes, I think a rat just ran across the room.”

The little girl…er…Mike spent the first 20 minutes of each day checking, repositioning and resetting traps. We used two kinds of snap traps, three kinds of poison and two kinds of glue traps. Nothing worked. The rat often ate the food off the traps and lived to tell about it. He even once dragged two glue traps to the other side of the house before doing his best Houdini impersonation and freeing himself.

This battle is over. However, we eagerly await other adventures with the beasts of Honduras.


Becky Aguirre said...

Yeehaw! That thing is huge! So glad you got him! I'm also glad you posted pictures, was gonna be disappointed if you didn't...I like that part "making Mike scream like a little girl"...that would have been interesting to hear...LOL! I have yet to hear that from Miguel, but there may yet be something out there that would do that!!!

Jamie Wright said...

LOVE the close up of it's little ratty face - that is awesome!!!
Congrats on winning the war!

Amanda Tippy said...

Great post. Tell Mike that our spiders turn Jarod into a little girl too! Also, I heard Ramon's wife had a baby (can I get her name and number maybe?) Thanks. Hope you all had a great trip!

Ellie said...


We tried a cat to catch a rat once. The rat bit the cat, and the cat ran. My dad and I had to corner the rat and beat it to death with a cricket bat.

The rat earned the violent death, though. He had jumped in bed with me and our foster baby! Enough to make any mother turn violent.

I hate rats.